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Flexible Student Jobs

Did you see the tagline at the top of the page? We mean that. Your student career does start here...as a motivated college- or university-goer that takes on cool jobs whenever they fit your schedule. That's right, we're THAT flexible. Making a quick buck never was easier, as long as you want to Delta-work for it!

  • Waiter
  • Shop assistant
  • Promo people
  • Logistic support staff
  • Steward
  • ...
Discover Flexible Jobs
Flexible Jobs

Fixed Student Jobs

Far less random than our Flexible Student Jobs are these Fixed ones. They simulate a 'real-life' work experience, ideally in line with your field of study. You can get a taste of what it will be like to get started in - let's say - marketing or accounting. Maybe even get to meet your future colleagues? All that while the money's rolling in on a regular basis. Awesome!

Discover Fixed Jobs
Fixed Jobs

Full-Time Jobs

At this point, that juvenile student career you've started here...has already evolved into a pretty mature one. The teenager we took along as a waiter or a retail assistant is now looking for his or her dream job. And we'll Delta-work hard to deliver just that!

Discover Full-Time Jobs
Full-Time Jobs

The Deltaworx Academy

Any job-related knowledge that is not taught at a 'regular' institution, we'll cover at our very own Academy...à la Delta. From the more general stuff to very specific workshops: everything about your future career, you'll learn here. Enroll now!

Discover Deltaworx Academy
Deltaworx Academy

Find better jobs, faster.

Experience matters! Get yours using the Deltaworx student app to find the jobs you like.

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The Delta Team

These beautiful faces make sure Deltaworx runs like clockwork!

  • All
  • Management
  • Consultants
  • Sales
  • Admin
  • Marketing / recruitment
  • IT
  • Jeroen Poels
  • CEO & Founder
  • jeroen@deltaworx.eu
Jeroen Poels
  • Jaimy Van Eeckaute
  • Head of Finance, Legal & HR
  • jaimy@deltaworx.eu
Jaimy Van Eeckaute
  • Matthias Peeters
  • Head of Marketing & Recruitment
  • matthias@deltaworx.eu
Matthias Peeters
  • Chayenne Verschraege
  • Head of Admin & Internal HR
  • chayenne@deltaworx.eu
Chayenne Verschraege
  • Sacha Govaert
  • VP Sales
  • sacha@deltaworx.eu
Sacha Govaert
  • Tim Frenks
  • Sr. Sales Consultant
  • tim@deltaworx.eu
Tim Frenks
  • Femke Brebels
  • Admin Officer
  • femke@deltaworx.eu
Femke Brebels
  • Jeff Lens
  • Admin Support
  • jeff@deltaworx.eu
Jeff Lens
  • Zeliha Cangir
  • Marketing Coördinator
  • zeliha@deltaworx.eu
Zeliha Cangir
  • Ann-Sophie Van Gestel
  • Project Manager Katoen Natie
  • ann-sophie@deltaworx.eu
Ann-Sophie Van Gestel
  • Kimberly Faes
  • Consultant Katoen Natie
  • kimberly@deltaworx.eu
Kimberly Faes
  • Aleyna Dasdamirova
  • Consulent Brussel
  • aleyna@deltaworx.eu
Aleyna Dasdamirova
  • Melissa Vandenbroeck
  • Sr. Consulent Antwerpen
  • melissa@deltaworx.eu
Melissa Vandenbroeck
  • Hanae Echchoubbel
  • Sr. Consulent Antwerpen
  • hanae@deltaworx.eu
Hanae Echchoubbel
  • Yasmina Karkachi
  • Consulent Gent - Brugge - Kortrijk
  • yasmina@deltaworx.eu
Yasmina Karkachi
  • Lynn Ramakers
  • Consulent Gent - Brugge - Kortrijk
  • lynn@deltaworx.eu
Lynn Ramakers
  • Tayfun Kayahan
  • Technical Lead
  • tayfun@deltaworx.eu
Tayfun Kayahan
  • Theo
  • Chief Happiness officer
  • theo@deltaworx.eu


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