Wanted: job students during exams

When students are studying, companies are struggling. The demand for job students grows with more than 60%, as soon as they turn towards their books for the upcoming exams.

It’s a problem that many companies face every year, around the end of May. The job students that they count on throughout the year, put aside their student job to focus on their final exams. You can’t blame them – after all, that’s what students are supposed to do – but you obviously can’t ask your customers to stay away either. In search of replacements, these companies massively turn to staffing agencies like Deltaworx.

The growing demand for student workers this time of year is not new. In the same period last year, we noticed that companies, mostly bars and restaurants, faced the same problem. But it’s growing bigger and bigger every year.

Extra flexibility

“During the exams, companies simply don’t have enough resourses within their own network. That’s why they come to us. With about 5500 students, we offer a much bigger pond”, says CEO Jeroen Poels. “And students benefit as well, as they have a lot more flexibility than they would have with a fixed job. That’s a big pro for them, especially during the exam period.”

The main victim of these job students taking a time-out, is the hospitality sector. Around 90% of Deltaworx’ clients are hospitality-related. Thanks to the sunny weather in May and June, this is traditionally a very busy period for bars and restaurants which have a terrace. “We too notice that it’s more difficult to find people during the exam period, but somehow we always manage to fix it”, Jeroen concludes.

Looking for some extra hands when your job students are too busy with their exams? Contact Deltaworx for an instant replacement.