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Delta Student Staffing

Matching a motivated member of the Delta Squad with your company’s lower-level, part-time needs: short- or long-term commitments with flexible or fixed working hours. Save money, hire students!

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Cleaning
  • Logistics
  • Customer service
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Discover Student Staffing
Student Staffing

Young Deltalents

As an employment agency, we never cease to expand and monitor our student talent pool. At a certain point in their academic careers, the need for work experience rises. Do we need to say more? Go ahead and take your pick from the up-and-coming crème de la crème! You’re not getting any younger...but your company can ;-)

  • Sales
  • Creative
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • ...
Discover Young Talents
Young Talents


Have you noticed the sequence in our range of services? At Deltaworx, we aim at guiding our youngsters from the extremely flexible, low-level student jobs all the way up to pursuing their ambitions and passions in life, which translates to a full-time job at a company they value. That’s where the Deltasearch comes in!

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Delta Payroll Services

If done the old-fashioned way, payroll usually take its toll in the form of exhaustion and number blindness. Allow us to take that horrid administrative follow-up out of your hands and into our capable, hard-working ones. That way, yours become free to focus on your business again. Hands-on!

Discover Delta Payroll
Delta Payroll

Find better people, faster.

Our students find your jobs faster using the Deltaworx Student app.

Client app coming soon...

Great Recruitment

Not everyone is cut out to be a member of the Deltaworx team. We are constantly looking for the so-called “crème de la crème” among student candidates in order to recruit only high-profiled, quality personnel.

Magnificent Matchmaking

Successful collaborations are based on mutual trust and understanding. At Deltaworx, we always try to match our clients’ expectations and demands to the best of our ability.

Excellent Training

Not only do we put our students through a rigorous recruitment process, we also teach them the ins and outs of every facet of hospitality, molding them into top-notch experts. No jobstacle is too big!

The Best Follow-Up

In order for us to improve our services, we need your feedback. A lot of it. Which is why we won’t stop following up until our needs are satisfied. Or until you tell us to stop :-).

Flawless Administration

Most people tend to dislike administration. That’s because they are bad at it. Deltaworx on the other hand is AWESOME at administration; and we’re great at it. You’ll see!

Flexible Workforce

Flexibility is key in the event and catering business. Our team will bend over backwards (all the way to the floor) to meet your expectations and demands. Just ask and we’ll deliver.

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We don't just dream it, we Delta-work for it!

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  • Management
  • Consultants
  • Sales
  • Admin
  • Marketing / recruitment
  • IT
  • Jeroen Poels
  • CEO & Founder
  • jeroen@deltaworx.eu
Jeroen Poels
  • Jaimy Van Eeckaute
  • Head of Finance, Legal & HR
  • jaimy@deltaworx.eu
Jaimy Van Eeckaute
  • Matthias Peeters
  • Head of Marketing & Recruitment
  • matthias@deltaworx.eu
Matthias Peeters
  • Chayenne Verschraege
  • Head of Admin & Internal HR
  • chayenne@deltaworx.eu
Chayenne Verschraege
  • Sacha Govaert
  • VP Sales
  • sacha@deltaworx.eu
Sacha Govaert
  • Tim Frenks
  • Sr. Sales Consultant
  • tim@deltaworx.eu
Tim Frenks
  • Femke Brebels
  • Admin Officer
  • femke@deltaworx.eu
Femke Brebels
  • Jeff Lens
  • Admin Support
  • jeff@deltaworx.eu
Jeff Lens
  • Zeliha Cangir
  • Marketing Coördinator
  • zeliha@deltaworx.eu
Zeliha Cangir
  • Ann-Sophie Van Gestel
  • Project Manager Katoen Natie
  • ann-sophie@deltaworx.eu
Ann-Sophie Van Gestel
  • Kimberly Faes
  • Consultant Katoen Natie
  • kimberly@deltaworx.eu
Kimberly Faes
  • Aleyna Dasdamirova
  • Consulent Brussel
  • aleyna@deltaworx.eu
Aleyna Dasdamirova
  • Melissa Vandenbroeck
  • Sr. Consulent Antwerpen
  • melissa@deltaworx.eu
Melissa Vandenbroeck
  • Hanae Echchoubbel
  • Sr. Consulent Antwerpen
  • hanae@deltaworx.eu
Hanae Echchoubbel
  • Yasmina Karkachi
  • Consulent Gent - Brugge - Kortrijk
  • yasmina@deltaworx.eu
Yasmina Karkachi
  • Lynn Ramakers
  • Consulent Gent - Brugge - Kortrijk
  • lynn@deltaworx.eu
Lynn Ramakers
  • Tayfun Kayahan
  • Technical Lead
  • tayfun@deltaworx.eu
Tayfun Kayahan
  • Theo
  • Chief Happiness officer
  • theo@deltaworx.eu


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