Why did Euroports choose for Deltaworx?

By now, you’ve probably read all about the cooperation between Euroports and Deltaworx. But why exactly did Goedroen Osaer, HR-director at Euroports, choose for Deltaworx in her search for competent and ambitious students? Fearlessly, we asked her. And, thank God, her answer did not disappoint!


“Pleased to meet you. Now tell us your wildest (professional) desires.”


Goedroen met Jeroen Poels, Deltaworx CEO, a while ago: a couple of years back, they attended the same NLP-training considering neuro-linguistic programming. Although Jeroen was the youngest participant there, he did manage to leave a lasting impression on Goedroen. So, when Goedroen was looking for competent students, she contacted Jeroen. He was very pleased to learn she thought of Deltaworx – and immediately requested a meeting to get to know each other. This way, he stated, Deltaworx could make sure they ‘got’ Euroports and its values. Next to this, this meeting was also a wonderful opportunity for Goedroen to make sure Deltaworx knew exactly which profiles she was looking for.


An impressive database, strong profiles and a pleasant cooperation


 After this meeting, where every single card was laid out on the table, Deltaworx immediately got to work. They have a particularly comprehensive database which solely consists out of strong and competent profiles. And it’s because of this very, very extensive database, the cooperation between the two parties went so great. The profiles that were sent to Euroports were handpicked one by one and based on Euroports’ expectations considering education and residence.



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