From employee to business partner: how Hoplr met Deltaworx


Haaave you met… Hoplr? No? Well, allow us to introduce them to you! Hoplr is a fancy new neighbourhood app that makes it easier to get to know and/or link up with your neighbours. You can compare this app with one of those Facebook groups for certain neighbourhoods, but… a bit more sophisticated. Jelle, 25-year old developer at Hoplr, talks about how Hoplr contacted Deltaworx for a helping hand.

Jelle went from Deltaworker to Deltapartner


Hoplr needed a couple of student workers to help them out with their offline promo: the doling out of their invitation letters in all the neighbourhoods they wanted to participate. A simple job, but a job that requires a couple of hard and tireless workers. “Aha”, thought Jelle swiftly. “I was one of those in my Deltadays!” And, as things go, he contacted his old employer and set up a meeting. This time, not to work for Deltaworx – but along them.


Perfect profiles and a marvellous cooperation


After a couple of introductory meetings, Deltaworx was pretty sure they knew exactly what (or rather: who) Hoplr was looking for. They went on a search through their extensive database and came up with a couple of profiles that, luckily, quickly proved to be perfect matches with Hoplr.

Furthermore, they always made sure to follow up every question and remark as soon as possible. This made for a way of communication that was incredibly pleasant – and, of course, for a marvellous cooperation that never disappointed.

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