Deltaworx & Euroports: a perfect match!

Haaave you met… Euroports? No? Well, allow us to introduce them to you. Euroports is an international group that offers transport and logistics solutions, specifically considering the shipping industry. But what exactly has Deltaworx to do with this company, you ask? Allow us to explain!

A hands-on mindset for every Deltaworx student

A couple of days ago, we had a chat with Goedroen Osaer, HR-director at Euroports: she opens up about the cooperation with Deltaworx and its students. Euroports employs students on all kinds of levels: at the box offices, the commercial and financial services, but also at human resources.

At Euroports, we’re firm believers of the so-called hands-on mindset. This means that every student is offered a short crash course considering the ins and outs of the company. Euroports 101, so to speak! This way, we expect them to enroll easily in the flow of the company.

The advantages of the employment of students

Because they are numerous, my friend! First of all, most students are young spirits who can’t wait to get to work. Secondly, obviously, the company who employs them receives interesting financial benefits. But the third advantage, and maybe even the most important one, is the fact that these students bring a fresh set of eyes to the table. After all, it often happens that a student questions a certain way of work, that makes us think: “Well. That’s a valid question: why do we work this way?”. And even better: “Can we change it up a little for the better?”. This way, our students challenge us to keep on improving our brand, even when we don’t always see it ourselves.


Deltaworx helped us find the perfect matches

One of our biggest challenges lies within the fact that our terminals are located on different locations. And because location is key, Deltaworx helped us finding motivated students who live near one of these terminals. Next to this, they also made sure we only employed those students with exactly the right profile for us. A true pleasure to work with!


Want to know more about how Deltaworx can provide you with the right set of hands (and/or eyes)? Make sure to contact us!