Whatever your company’s line of work, there are multiple benefits to engaging Delta Workers for frequently occurring, repetitive assignments that otherwise would be delegated to part-time employment. Leaving out the obvious cost-cutting impact for a second, we’ve also noticed our clients’ preference for Student Staffing based on job performance and morale. No surprise there: students are by definition young and have energy to spare. They’re also enrolled in college or university, which usually gives them an overall intellectual advantage as well.

At Deltaworx, we offer two types of student solutions in this segment: short-term and extremely flexible commitments - or longer-term engagements with fixed profiles on fixed working hours. So, basically: whatever your industry, whatever the manpower (better yet: ‘studentpower’), whatever the job...we can get it done!

Our Services

Great Recruitment
We are constantly looking for the so-called “crème de la crème” among student candidates in order to recruit only high-profiled, quality personnel.
Excellent Training
Not only do we put our students through a rigorous recruitment process, we also teach them the ins and outs of every facet of hospitality.
The Best Follow-Up
In order for us to improve our services, we need your feedback. A lot of it. Which is why we won’t stop following up until our needs are satisfied. Or until you tell us to stop :-).
Magnificent Matchmaking
Successful collaborations are based on mutual trust and understanding. At Deltaworx, we always try to match our clients’ expectations and demands to the best of our ability.
Flawless Administration
Most people tend to dislike administration. That’s because they are bad at it. Deltaworx on the other hand is AWESOME at administration; and we’re great at it. You’ll see!
Flexible Workforce
Our team will bend over backwards (all the way to the floor) to meet your expectations and demands.


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Sacha Govaert
VP Sales
Sacha Govaert