Why should you pay-roll with us?

Stop losing money
Time is money, right? So why are you wasting yours on this administrative rut? Start focusing on what you do best: managing your team and taking care of your clients. We will lift this time-consuming payroll weight off of your shoulders. You're welcome!
Stop getting lost
Belgium's employment legislation is an undeniable maze with more regulations and paperwork than one can fathom. Just guiding you through it would still take up a lot of your time. Which is why we'd rather do it for you instead...in its entirety!
Start taking it easy
HR-elax! All we have to know, is a name, a time and a location. Or, you know, a whole lot of them, depending on the size of your team(s). That is all. We can take it from there.


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Sacha Govaert
VP Sales
Sacha Govaert