Hey, we get it...life as a student isn’t cheap: so much to discover and spend money on, but so few money trees growing in your dorm’s garden. Consider us as your tree. Take regularly good care of us, and we’ll grow out to become quite the forest giant ;-)

Of course, it's not all about the money. You're mature enough to figure out that being active as a student worker can boost your résumé and hiring potential, as it shows engagement and initiative. Plus, you can get a great taste of what work life feels like. When it comes to these flexible, low-level student jobs, the way we operate is as follows: through our very own Delt-app, we send you job offers as they pour in. To the ones that fit your schedule, you say 'YES'. That's it. Pretty easy, hu?


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Ann-Sophie Van Gestel
Project Manager Katoen Natie
Ann-Sophie Van Gestel