Jeroen Poels: CEO & Founder since 2012




Where do I see Deltaworx in 5 years


By then, Deltaworx will be the biggest employment agency for students. I also hope that the first Deltaworx offices abroad will be up and running. I’m sure going global will work, since we have an unique approach by focusing on the community and on relevant job experience.


How did I get the idea of starting Deltaworx


Actually, it came organically. At the age of 15, I started as a dishwasher. I continued as waiter and maître d’hotel. At one point, I was responsible for the staff and I arranged work for friends who were looking for a job. Let’s say it’s a hobby that got out of hand.



The most challenging part of bringing Deltaworx to life


The biggest challenge was convincing people to give an 18-year-old a chance. Luckily, I’m a go-getter. Today, we have 5500 students working at Deltaworx, so my credibility isn’t questioned anymore.


My most memorable moment at Deltaworx


I have so many nice memories. The funniest till now was made during our campaign shoot, in a green key studio. Some co-workers and me were dressed in eighties workout costumes and showed some dance moves. We were laughing our asses off! (video)


My favorite Netflix Series


‘Suits’ is my favorite Netflix series, for sure. And yes, I secretly have a man-crush on Harvey Specter: great guy, the picture of professional success.


Some of my skills