Congrats to Ghent’s Deltaworker of the Month for May, Oscar Rombouts!

No matter what job they’re doing or where they’re at, Deltaworkers always do their best to deliver outstanding work. To reward their efforts and attitude, we came up with the Deltaworker of the Month award, which is granted to one Deltaworker in every region each month. Ghent’s winner this month was Oscar Rombouts, a 19-year-old secondary education student at the Examination Board. Read on to discover why he likes working at Deltaworx.


Baptism of fire

“I only joined Deltaworx last month. It truly was a baptism of fire: they needed extra hands since a lot of students are currently preparing for their exams. Luckily, I had my restaurant work experience behind me. However, I did the training as soon as possible and started working right away. I really enjoy hospitality work. Not only because it pays well, but also because I like meeting new people. The working hours are great for me too, because I have never been much of a morning person.”


Variation and flexibility

“I used to work in a restaurant. But I longed for new experiences. That’s why I like working at Deltaworx. Every job is a new experience. In addition to the variety, I also appreciate the flexibility. I can work seven days in a row or just one evening per week. I choose my own working days. So I can keep my weekends free without feeling guilty towards my employer.”



“My favorite jobs are the ones where I work with lots of other Deltaworkers. In the past month, I have worked with the same colleagues several times now. Deltaworkers are a close-knit group. You can tell a lot of people know each other well by now. They have become real friends. I also enjoy the monthly Deltaworx group activities. I heard they went to the Overpoort once. These are great initiatives to help us get to know each other better and become even closer.”


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