Congrats to Ghent’s Deltaworker of the Month for June, Dorien Gysens!

No matter what job they’re doing or where they’re at, Deltaworkers always do their best to deliver outstanding work. To reward their efforts and attitude, we came up with the Deltaworker of the Month award, which is granted to one Deltaworker in every region each month. Ghent’s winner this month was Dorien Gysens, a 20-year-old Veterinary Medicine student at University of Ghent. Read on to discover why she likes working at Deltaworx.


What convinced me to join the family

“Last summer, I looked for a different student job. Before, I worked in a brasserie on a regular basis. But I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t plan anything one day each weekend. As soon as a friend told me about Deltaworx, their flexibility caught my attention. So I signed up via the website. Now, I can pick my work days myself. Very convenient to combine with my classes, my studies, parties and trips to my hometown in Limburg.”


My favorite jobs

“I prefer working behind the scenes or at small, intimate or private events. My favorite jobs are the ones I work as a kitchen helper: peeling potatoes, decorating plates, helping the cook… No experience needed! I also like doing night shifts, when people are in a party mood and the atmosphere is great. It makes working more fun!”


Unique events

“I guess I became Deltaworker of the month because I jumped in during exam period and showed my flexibility: I worked at a garden party with The Red Devils theme and at a party in Roeselare I had to dress up like a true hipster. Unique events, which I really enjoyed working at! My tip for others to become Deltaworker of the Month? Be flexible and smile a lot!”


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