Congrats to Antwerp’s Deltaworker of the Month for June, Nathalie Arts!

No matter what job they’re doing or where they’re at, Deltaworkers always do their best to deliver outstanding work. To reward their efforts and attitude, we came up with the Deltaworker of the Month award, which is granted to one Deltaworker in every region each month. Antwerp’s winner this month was Nathalie Arts, a 21-year-old Teacher Education student at KdG. Read on to discover why she likes working at Deltaworx.


How I ended up at Deltaworx

“A friend told me a lot of positive things of Deltaworx: they have many clients, a lot of jobs, good organisation… So I decided to join Deltaworx. I work here for four months now and I really love it! The biggest asset? Flexibility! I like choosing myself where and when to work. I prefer variety  instead of working in the same restaurant every day. Also, I get to know other venues, different cities and new people.”


What jobs I do

“Normally I sign up for hospitality jobs. I remember working as a waiter in a wine bar, at a Porsche event in Brasschaat, at Calypso in Knokke, at the venue 9 Beaufort in Antwerp… Hospitality is hard work, but time passes by fast. Certainly if all colleagues do their best, which is the case at Deltaworx. Teamwork makes the dream work! We have an amazing team full of great people. They welcomed me with open arms, for which I am grateful.”

Why I’ve been granted  

“What I did to be rewarded Deltaworker of the month? I suppose my flexibility has something to do with it. I jumped in for others during exam period. I always try to work as hard as I can and over the years I gained quite some experience in the hospitality industry. Also, I signed up for new jobs for recent clients: I once tried a sales job in Bobbejaanland and took research surveys over the telephone. Not something I usually do, but I liked doing something different from hospitality and I sure liked being part of convincing a new client.”


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