Congrats to Antwerp’s Deltaworker of the Month March, Zora Van Weert!

No matter what job they’re doing or where they’re at, Deltaworkers always do their best to deliver outstanding work. To honour this attitude, we created the Deltaworker of the Month, a title that is rewarded monthly to one Deltaworker per region. In Antwerp, we granted the title to Zora van Weert, a 20-year old Psychology student at the VUB.

Find the better job, faster

‘I was bored of my previous student job, where I got poorly paid. Besides, I’m a terrible planner’, admits Zora. ‘So Deltaworx was a gift from heaven to me. The great benefit? You don’t need to promise weeks in advance whether you’re available or not. As a student who likes to make plans with friends, there’s no fun in being stuck to a student job every weekend. At Deltaworx, you can really choose when you want to work, very last-minute. A free day by surprise? I quickly check the app and if I’m lucky, I find a job for the next day. So ‘find the better job, faster’ is definitely not a lie!’

Variety keeps it exciting

‘There’s a huge variety of jobs at Deltaworx. I mostly work for the Opera in Antwerp where I serve dishes or stand behind the bar, but I also dropped letters in mailboxes for Hoplr. Something completely different! For me that works fine. If I do the same job over and over again, I lose my enthusiasm. I try something new now and then, which keeps the job exciting! Hospitality is my favourite, but I’m open to all kind of jobs. As a student who wants to earn money, you don’t need to be too selective.’


Always start with a positive mindset/vibe

‘If I can give some advice to others who want to become Deltaworker of the month: act like me and start your workday with a positive mindset. That way, time flies by and it stays fun. Moreover: go for a job that fits you well. For me, social contact and being active matters most, so that’s why I mostly choose for hospitality. And even though I’m a stress-tornado most of the time, I’m doing well!’

Thanks, Zora!


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