Congrats to Brussels Deltaworker of the Month March, Elisabeth Cooreman!

No matter what job they’re doing or where they’re at, Deltaworkers always do their best to deliver outstanding work. To honour this attitude, we created the Deltaworker of the Month, a title that is rewarded monthly to one Deltaworker per region. In Brussels, we granted the title to Elisabeth Cooreman, a 22-year old Public Relations student.

Time flies when having fun

“From the first second I started working at Deltaworx, I liked it ”, says Elisabeth enthusiastic. “What struck me right away was the cool and young team. There’s always a nice atmosphere during work, so time goes by fast. Time flies when having fun! While working, I’ve made some new good friends thanks to Deltaworx. We sometimes even study together at the Deltaworx office! And the Delta-parties are also a nice bonus of course.”


Valuable experience

“I try to do catering jobs as much as possible. On the one hand, I like the work because it’s never boring. On the other hand, those experiences add value to my study Public Relations. My dream is to organise events myself. Thanks to Deltaworx, I visited a whole lot of great events in supercool places. While working, I get a lot of ideas and it works inspiring. Besides, in the future I’ll probably be at the other side of the desk at such events. It’s always interesting to know both sides of the job!”



‘Papa Delta’, the head of the family

“I think I became Deltaworker of the month thanks to my hard work and eternal smile! That smile comes naturally, due to the cosy family feeling I have at Deltaworx. Everyone belongs to the group and we can really count on eachother. We even call our manager in Brussels Papa Delta. He is really concerned about our well-being and always tries to make it as nice as possible for us. When a job went well, they show appreciation. That works very motivational and makes you want to do it even better the next time. And if you have questions or there’s a problem: the ambassadors are always there to help!”


Thanks, Elisabeth!

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