Congrats to Ghent’s Deltaworker of the Month March, Shahed Massini!

No matter what job they’re doing or where they’re at, Deltaworkers always do their best to deliver outstanding work. To honour this attitude, we created the Deltaworker of the Month, a title that is rewarded monthly to one Deltaworker per region. In Ghent, we granted the title to Shahed Massini, a 21-year old student in Graphical and Digital Media at the Arteveldehogeschool.

Flexibility first

“The flexibility of Deltaworx is a great plus. Due to my creative study, I’ve got a lot of school assignments”, explains Shahed. “Busy week at school? Then I work a bit less that week and a bit more in the next. That way, it’s easy to combine a job and schoolwork without giving up on things. I basically started working at Deltaworx to earn money, but once I got jobs for Deliveroo I really loved to work. By now I’m doing it more out of interest and to gain valuable experience.”


Deltaworx makes you social

“Deltaworx offers jobs for every personality, also people who are not very social for example. Look at me: I’m a bit shy by nature,. At Deltaworx, I quickly felt at home and I opened up. The people at Deltaworx also know who likes to work together and take that into account when composing teams. This way, the working atmosphere is always enjoyable. We really are a nice group of friends. We even went skiing all together! A great experience. Deltaworx just makes you social.”



Show commitment and motivation

“My ultimate advice for my colleagues to become Deltaworker of the month? Be flexible! When you’ve planned something and a nice job offer shows up: try to reschedule and take the job. An assertive attitude can be helpful too. Even though March was a quiet month, I worked a lot. Showing commitment is really appreciated and will provide opportunities for upcoming jobs. Show motivation, go to work with pleasure and Deltawork yourself to the top!”


Thanks, Shahed!
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