Congrats to Brussels’ Deltaworker of the Month February, Jessica Pountous!

No matter what job they’re doing or where they’re at, Deltaworkers always do their best to deliver outstanding work. To honour this attitude, we created the Deltaworker of the Month, a title that is rewarded monthly to one Deltaworker per region. In Brussels, we granted the title to Jessica Pountous, a 22-year old year student Office Management at Thomas Moore.   

Jobs that fit me best

“Why I like working at Deltaworx? Because I can choose my own hours and the jobs that fit me best”, says Jessica. “The app makes this very easy. Most of all, I like doing catering jobs, even though it’s hard work serving tables and carrying the heavy trays. During the rest of my life, I will show a lot of respect for the waiters while attending an event.”

A committed community

“Being a student, I obviously work to gain some money. But I could never persevere if I wouldn’t like it. My colleagues make it a pleasure to work. The past year, I got to know a lot of new people. It strikes me that we are all quite similar. The one thing we’ve all got in common? Commitment. All Deltaworkers are team players and we all like to get the job done in a proper way. Working in such a team feels great!”

Team spirit skills

“Since I’m studying Office Management, my future career probably won’t be in the catering business. But surely I acquired new skills, such as teamwork and effective communication. In order to keep the client happy, we have to work as a well-oiled machine. Of course, mistakes can happen. We’re only humans. But ask help from your colleagues and make sure you learn out of it. That’s how you become the next Deltaworker of the month I guess: working hard and collaborating with the team.”


Thanks, Jessica!
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