Congrats to Antwerp’s Deltaworker of the Month February, Chantal Sadiekkhan!

No matter what job they’re doing or where they’re at, Deltaworkers always do their best to deliver outstanding work. To honour this attitude, we created the Deltaworker of the Month, a title that is rewarded monthly to one Deltaworker per region. In Antwerp, we granted the title to Chantal Sadiekkhan, a 23-year old year student Criminology at the VUB.   

Picking jobs according to my availability


“As a student, I looked for a job that was easy to combine with my studies”, admits Chantal. “A friend of mine talked about Deltaworx and how convenient the Deltaworx-app is, making it possible to pick jobs according to your availability. So I decided to join. With the app I can pick the jobs I like, on the days I’m available – even when I look for a job only two days in advance. Also, the job description tells you the location and how long the job will probably take. That way, I can calculate what time I will be home. A very convenient system!”


Discover new places


“I mostly do hospitality or catering jobs. I especially like the bigger events, because then I get to know a lot of other Deltaworkers, from Gent and Brussels. I don’t work very often with the same colleagues. I like to meet new people and discover places I’ve never been before. One of my jobs was in a crematory, an idea I didn’t like at first. But actually, it was surprisingly nice. You see, working at Deltaworx opens up your world.”


Take one for the team


“If you want to become Deltaworker of the month, I think you need to show engagement and show teamspirit. It doesn’t have to be big, it can be small actions too, such as printing the contracts and making sure everyone signs it. It’s a small effort to take one for the team. And once they see you are a employee they can build on, they will give you more responsibility, such as driving the Delta-car (which I really enjoy by the way!)”


Thanks, Chantal!
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