Euroports: a whole new world for ambitious Deltaworkers!


By now, you might’ve heard about Euroports: an international group that offers transport and logistics solutions, specifically considering the shipping industry. Next to this, this working environment ensures a professional context that’s absolutely unique in its kind. Want to jumpstart your career whilst studying? Make sure to read on, my friend: Goedroen Osaer, HR director at Eurosports, tells about all the good Euroports has to offer!

Euroports: a hidden world within our world

When asked what exactly makes Euroports such an interesting place to work, Goedroen doesn’t have to ponder for a very long time. She talks about the unique atmosphere the port of Antwerp has to offer – and lovingly calls it ‘a hidden world within our world’ that offers an interesting and educational professional experience.

The surroundings of the Antwerp harbor are impressively unique: whilst on the job, you can enjoy the view of ships being (un)loaded, you will be baffled by the impressive machinery you’ll encounter whilst walking around on the harbor grounds and you’ll get to know all different kinds of peculiar people. When you sign up for a job at the port of Antwerp, you’ll enter a new and impressive world!


Why Euroports?

 Well, first of all: Euroports has the pleasure to offer an enormous diversity of activities. In other words: we’re looking for profiles of all shapes and sizes. An education in logistics, linguistics, economics or finance? All good!

Secondly, Euroports is a company that offers a lot of diverse opportunities that’ll get you places – whether you’re a fulltime employee or a working student! When you work at, for and with a company such as Euroports, you most definitely will receive a valuable professional stepping stone.


The advantages of Deltaworking at Euroports

Obviously: the chances, possibilities and opportunities you get whilst working here… because they can help you get a long way! Next to this, we do believe that working at Euroports will help you grow as a person – emotionally as well as professionally. Euroports helps people come out of their comfort zone – and hereby helps them grow on all kinds of levels!


So, basically… Are you looking for a challenging job that’ll help you in your further career? Only one word you need to remember: Euroports!