We proudly present: our Deltaworkers of the month, the November edition!

Maybe you’ve noticed already, but we like to honour the Deltaworkers who stand out for one reason or another. Each month, we grant the title of ‘Deltaworker of the month’ to one Deltaworker per region. And in the month of November, following superstars impressed us the most. Congrats, guys… you did well!


A charmer who doesn’t back away from hard work: meet Sami

“It’s difficult to say this about myself, but I guess I’ve been awarded this title because of the positive feedback I’m getting: they often describe me as the perfect match between charming and hard-working. And I think this is exactly the vibe you want to give forth when working hospitality jobs”, says Sami Benhdach, a 20-year old physical education student (AP) who works for the Antwerp office. “I never back away from long hours, which makes a reputation of a hard worker who’s available in weekends and weekdays – and it seems that this is what our clients are looking for.”



“I love working at Deltaworx because of the unique team spirit”, Sami continues. “On the job, you get to know so much people – which makes it almost impossible to not become friends with them! Some of my colleagues have actually turned into really good friends – and there’s nothing better than working a job with a couple of friends to back you up!”

Following this, Sami enthusiastically talks about the flexibility Deltaworx has to offer. “I can choose my own hours and working days. Do I want to work only Saturdays – or rather none of them? That’s totally up to me. I love that!”

When we ask this charming superhero for some advice on becoming the next Deltaworker of the month, he didn’t need to think long. “Always be enthusiastic, always bring the best you got (and then some) and… make sure the client feels ‘special’ when you’re working for them. When you make them feel special, they’ll go to Deltaworx with positive feedback – and maybe even request that you work their other gigs. Which means more money and more opportunities to learn new stuff. And that’s what everybody wants, right?”


Thanks, Sami!


A fast worker who doesn’t like to complain: meet Tara

“I’ve been working a lot. Like, probably more than other people”, says Tara, 23-year old business administration student (KUL) who works for the Brussels office, when we ask her why she has earned the title ‘Deltaworker of the month November’. “Next to this, I’m not picky about working shifts and my clients are always happy. I think this is the case because I’m a fast worker who doesn’t mind doing certain jobs that require heavy lifting and such. Work is work, so I really don’t mind doing these things.”

When we look at Tara’s Delta-history, it’s clear: about 90% of her gigs apply to the catering industry. And she loves doing this: “I apply for these kinds of jobs through the Delta-app. Not only am I quite good at it, but these jobs almost certainly come with a follow-up: our clients usually prefer to work with the same people, so when you make sure they’re happy with you, they most definitely will ask for you to work at their next event.”

“I absolutely adore the group feeling and the team spirit at Deltaworx”, answers Tara enthusiastically when asked about her favorite part of being a Delta-worker. “You definitely make some friends along the way and let’s face it… When you get to work with friends, you always have fun on the job!

Our conversation with Tara ended with the most important question of all: how do you become Deltaworker of the month? “That’s quite obvious”, replies Tara swiftly. “Work a lot and do your job in a correct manner when you’re asked to do it – and try to avoid complaining (too much). Always try before giving up, because you never know which undiscovered talents you might have!”


Thanks, Tara!


A no-nonsense mentality with a thrive to learn: meet Nicolina!

“I’m guessing Deltaworx awarded me with this cool title because of my flexibility”, says Nicolina, 19-year old fashion technology student (HoGent) who works for the Ghent office, when we ask her about why she thinks she has earned the title ‘Deltaworker of the month November’. “I’m not picky, like at all, when it comes to working the jobs. All of the jobs, that is: I won’t be rejecting something soon. All I care about is working – and working a lot. So, I’m guessing this is where the award focuses on: I’m always up for working long hours at any kind of job.”

When we ask Tara about her favorite kinds of jobs, she mostly talks about her jobs in the catering industry. “I love being able to see and do all kinds of stuff I’d normally never encounter. I get to work in amazing venues such as fancy hidden penthouses, I get to meet interesting people, see marvelous cars, get access to private events, … So cool!

“My favorite thing considering working at Deltaworx? That would absolutely be the unique and heart-warming team spirit”, tells Nicolina with a big smile on her face. “At the job, you are pushed to be social and you get to know so many people – clients as well as colleagues. And talking about colleagues… some of them definitely turned into some very good friends. I love them!”

When we ask Nicolina to give us some advice on becoming Deltaworker of the month, her answer sounds loud and clear. “Work often and work hard. Only when you work a lot of jobs, you learn the things you are(n’t) good at. This way, you learn a lot of things about yourself and you can start improving your talents. And once you know the things you’re really good at, you can choose to better yourself day after day, job after job!”


Thanks, Nicolina!

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