Yasin wanted to travel the world…

… so, he did everything in his power to make it happen! Because just like plenty of youngsters, Yasin had the inner desire to discover all the beauty our wonderful planet has to offer. Sadly, such worldly travels don’t come cheap. Not a problem for Yasin, though: he knocked on our Delta-door and asked the question we are always hoping to hear.


       “Hello. I want to work. A lot.”


Not a problem, mister! We put him to work, and a couple of months later, he hopped on a plane – ready to discover Kenya, Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama and many more. Now he’s back, and we wanted to share his story with you.


Hello, Yasin! Enlighten us: why did you choose for Deltaworx?


Well, I heard about Deltaworx from a couple of friends. And I’m not going to lie about it: when they told me about their earnings… It did not take them a lot of convincing to make me apply as well! (laughs) So, I signed up for Deltaworx and was pleasantly surprised when I met the crew: every single colleague was young, fun and dynamic. A real pleasure to team up with!



What kind of jobs did you mostly take up?


I started out in the catering industry. Not by choice, I might add… I was convinced I’d suck at it! (laughs) But, luckily, this wasn’t the case: it turned out I was feeling quite comfortable in this environment. I was good at it and I really learned to love the speed and ‘feel’ of the sector. Deltaworx picked this up – and made me an ambassador, which means I got more responsibilities. And I loved it!

Why did you stay at Deltaworx?


Firstly, and obviously, the financial benefits: at Deltaworx, I found a way to make a lot of money: how, when and where I wanted. Secondly, the colleagues: I suddenly found myself in a warm, dynamic and young team that proved to be a pleasure to work with. And the third advantage is without any doubt the variety Deltaworx has to offer. Of course, you have a couple of standing jobs, but you also end up working at a lot of places and events you’d normally never visit. This makes for a pleasant combination of excitement and comfort.



What was your all-time favourite Delta-job?


Well, that’s a funny story! One day, I was sitting at home, waiting to leave for another Delta-job. And I do have to admit: I was a bit grumpy about it, too. Because that evening, the Gouden Schoen awards were taking place. But, alas: money had to be made! So, I got ready and left for work. When I arrived at the office, I noticed everybody was snickering around me… Turns out: we had to work at the Gouden Schoen awards! (laughs) Needless to say, that evening was incredible.


And, then, your travels…


Ah, my travels! So, I graduated in January, but I wanted to go traveling before kicking off my career. So, I worked my a** off at Deltaworx: I asked them to contact me for literally whatever they had to offer, which ended up with me working shifts from 10 in the morning ‘till 9 in the evening. Rough days, but within a couple of months I had saved up the necessary budget for taking up my first travels: volunteering in Kenya.

When I returned home, I did the same thing: I worked as much as I could – and then I left again, this time to discover the beauty of Central and South America: I travelled through Columbia, Nicaragua, Panama, … A dream come true – and all thanks to Deltaworx!

 Thank you, Yasin! Good luck in your further career!