Congrats to the Deltaworkers of the Month October!

Hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed! That’s why we created the Deltaworker of the Month, a title that is rewarded monthly – obviously – to one Deltaworker per region. In the month October, these three outstanding members of the Deltaworx family, impressed us the most. 

Exploring the job market

“I guess my flexibility and dedication in the last few months were appreciated”, says Yannick Cimpaka, a 22-year-old Business Management student who works for the Brussels office. “I’ve helped them out at the last minute a couple of times, doing jobs really early in the morning and in places that were quite a long drive for me, like Kortrijk.”

Yannick has been doing all kinds of hospitality jobs for two years now, going from serving at events and company parties to occasional stage construction. And he loved every one of them. “The atmosphere at Deltaworx is pretty special, I don’t think you’ll find that in any other recruiting agency. We’re a large group of friends, all with the same enthusiasm and spirit. I’ve done many different jobs, and I especially love the fact that you never really know where you’ll end up this time. Not only did I meet a lot of cool people, I also discovered some very interesting companies and great startups.”

When we ask Yannick for some tips on how to become Deltaworker of the Month, his advice is simple. “Just be positive and focused, and have a great time doing so. If you’re only in it for the money, you’re at the wrong place.”

Positive energy

In Antwerp, Rani Bernaerts (22) was Deltaworx’ primus last month. She‘s been working for Deltaworx for over three years now, doing mostly catering jobs and some promo work once in a while. Being named Deltaworker of the Month, is something she’s really delighted with. “It’s always nice to hear that people are satisfied with your work, so I’m happy to be Deltaworker of the Month,” she tells us. “People at Deltaworx know they can always count on me, maybe that’s why they rewarded me with this title. It sure is flattering!”

When we ask her what she loves most about working for Deltaworx, Rani hails the positive energy of the Deltaworx crew. “Everyone loves what he or she is doing, and that makes it so much more fun. You build up a close relationship with each other, with mutual respect.”

Rani is an Agro and Biotechnology student, so chances are great she’ll be doing something completely different after she graduates. “I enjoy the type of jobs I’m doing now, but I hope to do something in animal care in the future. I studied Tourism as well, why not try to combine those two?” Any tips for your fellow Deltaworker, Rani? “Being flexible is highly appreciated, but so is showing you’re motivated and open to try different things. Oh, and don’t miss the Delta events!” she adds.


“Great to feel appreciated”


In the Ghent office, the honor of being named Deltaworker of the Month was rewarded to Hela Mabrouk. Hela is 22 years old and studies Event and Project Management. “I’ve only recently joined the Deltaworx team, so I was a bit surprised to be named Deltaworker of the Month so soon. It can’t deny it feels good to know they really appreciate me,” she admits. And the feeling is mutual: “I love the atmosphere at Deltaworx. It’s friendly and easy going, but everyone knows it comes with hard work.”

As an Event and Poject Management student, Hela wants to learn as much as she can. “All these different working experiences help me to discover what organizing events is all about. It’s a way to make some extra money, but a useful learning school for the future at the same time.”

Now that you’ve heard some Delta-workers share their stories, you feel like writing your own? Head to and join the family! Or come say hi in one of our offices in Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels.