Help, where’s my travel allowance?

When you’re asked to use your own car to get to an event, you’re entitled to a compensation. That’s only fair, right? This compensation is called a travel allowance. But sometimes at Deltaworx, we see a slight panic on a student’s face, when he looks at his pay slip and the travel allowance isn’t there. So… where did it go?

There’s no need to worry, it’s there. Just not under the name you were looking for. Travel allowances file under the category ‘Mileage allowance’ (sociaal abonnement/ abonnement social) on your pay slip. So the next time you’re scanning your new pay slip for the travel expenses you made, remember where to look!

Our collegue Jamie will tell you in the video below where you can find your mileage allowance on your paycheck. Got another question for us? We would love to hear from you!