Meet Frederik De Brouwer – National Recruiter since 2018


How I got my nickname

Everybody knows me as Frut. No crazy story about my nickname though. My roommates just named me this. I suppose Fred was too usual so they made up something else.



These three emoji represent me

I chose a laughing emoji with tears 😂 , since I always try to be the funny guy. With the emphasis on trying. A thinking face 🤔 represents my rational side and the fact I doubt too much. The cyclist 🚴🏼‍♂️ represents my passion. Since the age of sixteen I’m a dedicated cyclist.


My weirdest interview question during recruitment

If you were a piece of fruit, which one would you be? This question gives the interview a funny twist, which students like. And it also tests their creativity. I would be a pitaya, which has a hard pink shell but is soft on the inside. Very tasty in cocktails and fruit salads!


What I do during my 5-minute break

I get a nice cappuccino in the coffee corner and move to the terrace to get some fresh air with my colleagues, while we discuss the weekend and catch some sun.


What you can wake me up for in the weekend

Definitely breakfast in bed! My favorite breakfast is one with a big cappuccino, fresh bread rolls and some pastry with raisins and pudding. A lovely start of the day!