It goes without saying that the recruitment and employment process for these Young Deltalents is very different from our lower-level Student Staffing engagements. While the latter usually revolves around younger students at the beginning of their education and looking for a ‘quick buck’; the former is focused on a more mature audience: those having already proven themselves in their respective fields of study and seeking relevant work experience.

These highly motivated Young Potentials constitute a valuable target group for your business: no better way to ensure a steady inflow of new talent than to recruit them early on, while they’re still in college or university. That way, you’ve got ‘first pick’ on the possible diamonds in the rough, your coworkers will experience a breath of fresh air inside the workplace and you can avoid significant employment costs by relying on a flexible student worker, who’s happy and motivated to boost his or her résumé under your wings.


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Sacha Govaert
VP Sales
Sacha Govaert